Tinkoff Bank, a prominent Russian financial institution, serves over 37 million clients. It offers a comprehensive range of services for both individuals and businesses, including debit and credit cards, insurance policies, loan options, deposit schemes, and checking accounts. Additionally, Tinkoff Bank is a major employer, providing jobs for a significant number of individuals.

For two years, I had the privilege of leading the Tinkoff School of Business, an educational initiative aimed at nurturing both aspiring and established entrepreneurs.

Key achievements during my tenure include:

  1. Successfully educating nearly 400,000 students.
  2. Achieving a Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) that was lower than the average across other acquisition channels. Specific figures are confidential due to a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).
  3. Fostering a substantial community of small-scale entrepreneurs.
  4. Recruiting and overseeing a dynamic team of up to 20 professionals.
  5. Developing and launching 15 courses and orchestrating over 40 events in collaboration with my team.
  6. Conducting several ‘Jobs To Be Done’ (JTBD) research projects, contributing valuable insights to the field.

In my role, I initiated and oversaw several key projects to boost operational efficiency and enhance user engagement. This included leading the redesign of our landing pages to improve both user experience and conversion rates. Additionally, I was instrumental in integrating our educational content with the corporate Learning Management System (LMS), ensuring a more cohesive learning environment. For analytics, I collaborated with our data analyst to develop a comprehensive report detailing user behavior, which provided essential insights for informed decision-making. By working closely with various teams across the company, I contributed to aligning our educational strategies with the broader goals of Tinkoff Bank, highlighting the value of cross-functional teamwork.

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